Overall Responsibility

Reporting to Sales Enablement Manager

Responsible for sales enablement and training for direct sales executives, account managers, and channel partners in this global organization. Create, build, and execute the sales enablement function for Open LMS and provide key initiatives that develop team and individual selling competencies, including product knowledge and positioning. Tactically execute projects in multiple geographic regions that align with strategic goals. Enable customer facing teams to execute the core aspects of their jobs more effectively as it relates to selling and revenue performance.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work closely with sales and channel partner teams on a daily basis to identify needs ranging from product knowledge, to product positioning, to sales methodology, to technology tools required, to overcoming obstacles.
  • Work with sales teams and marketing in all regions to discover unique or specific needs based on geographic region.
  • Envision and design (or outsource) programs that organize product knowledge, or shape market insight, or establish sales processes, or introduce new sales tactics and tools, including creating Certification Courses.
  • Gather insights and collaborate with cross-functional teams such as Product Development or Customer Success to create appropriate programs or initiatives.
  • Build support and momentum across departments if needed to drive desired behaviors and actions.
  • Support Sales Enablement Manager in executing all assigned enablement programs.
  • Deploy and / or execute initiatives that improve upon existing sales processes.
  • Personally conduct or coordinate the delivery of sales-related training programs.
  • Drive process efficiencies to improve sales performance.
  • Assist leadership in establishing metrics that demonstrate the business impact of their enablement efforts.
  • Evaluate metrics data for highest impact and optimize current and future plans for enablement.
  • Study to understand the various buyers’ experiences and incorporate that insight into enablement offerings.


  • B.S. degree preferred; Business related
  • Completed one or more sales training programs; preferably oriented toward prospecting
  • Experience with NetSuite, SalesForce, Apollo preferred
  • Experience with Solution Selling methodologies, including training others on such methodologies
  • Exposure to international responsibilities and flexibility to assist in different time zones as required.
  • Multiple languages helpful, with preference to Spanish and Portuguese
  • 3 years of sales experience in a large corporate environment
  • Has demonstrated the ability to bring about change for a team
  • Has demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Data driven with strong affinity to evaluate results
  • Experience includes creating training for sales function
  • Tendency to influence and persuade others
  • Experienced at collaborating with multiple functions
  • Having worked/managed an LMS in the past is a plus.

Core Competencies

Customer Obsession

Attentive and responsive to customer (internal and external) concerns.

  • Listens to and anticipates relevant needs of the customer.
  • Identifies, influences and manages customer expectations
  • Adjusts own schedule to put customer needs first.
  • Responds quickly to customer problems.
  • Initiates informal meetings to build relationships.
  • Puts aside personal issues in favor of customer satisfaction.

Results Oriented

Identifies confronts and overcomes barriers to successful completion of a task or project; “puts first things first.”

  • Demonstrates a “sense of urgency.”
  • Focuses on outcomes rather than activities.
  • Anticipates and prevents obstacles to timely completion of a project.
  • Is willing to stretch to accomplish goals and “make it happen.”
  • Removes unnecessary steps when developing a solution.


Aware of yourself and your Impact on others

  • Aware of yourself as an individual or of your own being and actions and thoughts
  • Recognizes own emotions and their affects on how others feel or behave.
  • Knows ones strengths and limits
  • Has a strong sense of one’s self worth and capabilities
  • Inhibiting emotions in service of group or organizational norms

Integrator Mindset

Encourages a participative process; has a “win-win” orientation.

  • Open minded and actively receptive; willingly seeks input from others before making a decision.
  • Listens for common ground in completing tasks and solving problems.
  • Cooperates with others rather than working independently.
  • Demonstrates support for the group over personal wishes.
  • Shares recognition and credit with others.


Capable of adapting to others and new situations; flexible; can handle multiple tasks

  • Shifts among competing tasks and meets deadlines
  • Shows willingness and ability to change or adapt to change
  • Adapts to and works with diverse groups and work situations
  • Accommodates or compromises to meet group needs
  • Actively responds to others' ideas and opinions

Open LMS is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer and considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected factor.