The Bridge L2 Technical Support group is responsible for providing technical assistance to both the L1 Support group as well as Users. A great L2 is able to lead L1’s to the answer without outright giving them the answer. This means asking probing questions and finding out what the core issue is. L2’s should have an excellent understanding between behaviors that are considered "bugs" and "features." This is where the baseline Bridge knowledge becomes extremely important.


  • Must be proficient in all aspects of knowledge that a L1 would have in Bridge
  • Must know how to utilize their resources to troubleshoot cases.
  • Must have demonstrated excellent prioritization skills, as L2’s will be expected to determine and work urgent or pressing issues first.
  • Must be able to resolve any issues that can be resolved without engineering intervention. This includes utilizing tools such as API, CSV imports and console.
  • If L2’s are unable to resolve any issues with Bridge, then they must thoroughly test, and document the behavior into a Jira ticket.
  • L2’s must be available to assist L1’s with their cases via Slack, or in person.
  • Must have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Able to communicate effectively and confidently with other departments such as CustomDev, Documentation, and Customer Success
  • Must be available to hop into the SLA queue and assist L1's
  • Must conduct trainings on Support tools as well as present new features in Team Meetings

Requirements to apply

  • Must have the recommendation of your Supervisor
  • Must be above average in L1 metrics. This includes Customer Satisfaction ratings, Cases-per-hour, availability in assigned queues, and adherence to escalation policies (The 15 minute rule)
  • Must adhere to the Time off policy of Bridge Support
  • Should be able to provide examples of escalations to current L2’s that meet their expectation of quality
  • Strong written and verbal skills


L2s should work each ticket assigned to them to the point where:

  • All bugs we can fix through the UI, via API, or using a .csv import have been resolved.
  • Bugs we cannot resolve are thoroughly documented, meaning the L2 has:
    • Provided clear repro steps (if the bug is reproducible).
    • Provided links to where the issue can be seen, both:
      • In the wild, and
      • In a sandbox environment where it can be tinkered with safely
    • Placed all relevant information into a well-formed JIRA ticket.
    • Escalated the JIRA to an L3 for review.
  • Help out with other queues when we are busy.
  • Rotate being on call with other members of support leadership.
  • As part of the on call rotation, manage Bridge incidents and outages by:
    • Alerting appropriate teams to resolve the issue, (Engineering, Operations, Customer Success)
    • Update the status page with incident details and information
    • Send communications to admins regarding outages
  • Mentor and assist L1’s for the duration of your shift.
  • Actively participate in the Bridge S.H.I.E.L.D. initiative
    • Resolve data issues within the database to prevent additional escalations
    • Query the database to gather information and create reporting as required from Product, Engineering, Customer Success, and the Executive Leadership Teams.
    • Write, update, and run scripts to resolve customer facing issues.
  • As a rule of thumb, an L2 should work about 1.5 tickets per hour (about one every 40 minutes or so). Note that we don’t and won’t “manage” people to this number directly in any meaningful way; this is simply a benchmark for reference. Our philosophy on metrics-based management is that stats should suggest the right questions to ask; they’re not the answer in and of themselves. Context is essential to understanding and appropriately applying objective findings.

What We Offer

  • Competitive compensation package
  • A flexible and supportive environment
  • Dedicated learning days and quarterly hackweeks
  • Comprehensive healthcare package provided by Medicover
  • SZÉP card and other fringe benefits

About the company

In Bridge, we believe People Matter Most. We are looking forward to hiring awesome people and encouraging them to be themselves. We know that the more diverse we are, the more diverse our ideas will be — and as we openly welcome those ideas, our environment gets better and our business grows stronger.

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