About Reflektive

We are seeking a Software Development Manager to help scale Reflektive to being the market leader of people management platforms. The main question to be answered: Can you help a company scale ?

Reflektive has major initiatives to tackle this year. Initiatives range from internal scaling, security, engagement, new verticals, pervasive technologies, research and development, data and analytics, and customer tools. Reflektive’s Software Development Manager will contribute in their area of specialisation. S/he will be a trusted leader that will drive initiatives over the finish line. S/he will help us solve complex design challenges and mature our platform to handle increasing traffic and scale.

You'll join a lean, prolific team where everyone, including you, is active in the product defining and development process (where deploying new features every 2 weeks is common). You'll know the customers we are talking to, and the needs of each one. As a result, you know where your initiative and drive can best make a difference (and be recognized!)

Our engineering team consists of developers from a wide array of backgrounds. Our team primarily focuses on Python, Rails and Javascript, but is always ready to use the best tool for the job when it makes sense. Following Scrum practices, we work closely with the Product Management team to develop features that focus on empowering and developing employees. Our team is a tight knit, friendly group of engineers that are dedicated to learning from and teaching each other. Team members regularly contribute and optimise our engineering practices and processes. Our team wants to make software engineering fun, easy, and fulfilling, so we've come up with a set of values that we apply to our software every day: Simple, Flexible, Consistent, Predictable, Efficient, and Pragmatic.


-Technology decision making

-Understand the business requirements and align the team structure with it.

-Career Development & Performance Management

-Planning, Prioritisation and Execution of deliverables


-Technology decision making

-Drives technology decision-making across short, medium and long term.

-Be acknowledged as a technical leader and gain the respect of the team.

-Contribute towards org hiring initiatives and build an effective team.

-Does regular 1:1's with the team and set expectations in line with the Team/Org goals. Plan & execute Individual Development Plan with demonstrable results.

-Outlines delivery plans to accomplish goals in a timely and predictable manner. Unblock team members to help them deliver.

Desired Skills and Experience:-

  • Software development experience of 8+ years
  • People management experience of 2+ years
  • Hands on experience with either Rails / Python / Java / Javascript

About Reflektive

Forward-thinking organizations use Reflektive’s people management platform helps to drive employee performance and development with Real-Time Feedback, Recognition, Check-Ins, Goal Management, Performance Reviews, 1-on-1 Conversations, Engagement Surveys, and People Analytics.