The Opportunity

This role is responsible for providing skilled consulting to customers for a range of applications with a particular focus on the Learning Management System (LMS) and products integrated with the LMS.

While being a technical role, the position involves a considerable amount of communication with both external and internal customers and teams. This position also requires a considerable amount of product knowledge.

Key Accountabilities

The key accountabilities of this role encompass duties that principally relate to the job purpose and may include other duties that are incidental or peripheral to the job purpose.

Duties of this role will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide consulting services to nominated contacts and partners via the support portal and phone/videoconferencing.
  • Drive the Onboarding process by gathering requirements, creating the Statement of Work (SOW) and seeking client approval, and architecting solutions for customer’s need set.
  • Lead Customer Onboarding projects where appropriate, functioning as both Solutions analyst and the Onboarding project manager when necessary.
  • Document all parts of the client solution as architected and complete transition to support once live, making sure all pertinent information is provided.
  • Escalate concerns related to customer expectations, brainstorm potential solutions, and then present options to the customer in a clear and concise way.
  • Conduct all customer related correspondence via Zendesk ticketing system.
  • Provide advanced functional support to customers as needed.
  • Develop Customization specifications as required by customers (avoiding whenever possible), and working with the Consulting team to get project estimates, and communicating with the customer to drive a go forward decision related to customer needs.
  • Work within and across teams and regions to facilitate and resolve technical problems.
  • Manage customer’s expectations regarding the Onboarding process through regular communication.
  • Continuously assess and contribute to Knowledge Management by identifying and/or creating internal and external facing documentation including but not limited to knowledge base articles, and process documents.
  • Provide demonstrations to prospective customers and partners.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of demonstration environments and sales support resources.
  • Assist with RFP/RFI responses and other sales support activities.
  • With manager approval, work on projects which positively impact the team or company in addition to other job responsibilities.
  • Some out of hours or on call duties may be required and a general commitment to seeing client issues through to completion.
  • Maintain current product knowledge and learn new products, new features, or new plugins as required.

Additional accountabilities for Senior Level:

  • Complete all of the above responsibilities easily, consistently, and with exceptional quality
  • Take ownership of more complex problems and difficult customers
  • Lead by example or provide mentorship to less experienced peers on how to handle customer solutions
  • Ability to fill in for peer when they are out of the office, as well as providing leadership when needed if team lead is unavailable

Additional accountabilities for Principal Level:

  • Complete all of the above responsibilities easily, consistently, and with exceptional quality
  • Ability to understand a business need and then independently identify and implement a solution to a problem, process, or customer need
  • Increased responsibility for working across teams as a resource available for advanced consulting and highly detailed product knowledge
  • Responsibility for special projects and assignments outside of traditionally job scope

Key Result Areas

Performance objectives are based on the key accountabilities above and are aligned to organisational and team objectives. Individual performance measures and behavioural standards will be discussed and reviewed on a periodic basis in accordance with the Open LMS Performance Development Policy and Procedure.

Job Authorities

  • Decide priorities to achieve required performance levels
  • Decide when to request information from other staff
  • Identify own development needs

Job Criteria

  • Relevant tertiary qualification such as a B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent commercial experience.
  • At least 2+ years experience in a client facing role
  • Extensive knowledge of Learning Management Systems (in particular Moodle)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Fluent written and spoken English
  • Passionate about customer satisfaction
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills and ability to multi-task with frequent interruptions
  • A general understanding of computer networks
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work in teams
  • Exceptional listening, written and oral communication.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Customer focussed with an understanding that both internal and external customers require you to meet their needs in a professional and understanding manner.
  • Multi-lingual a plus (Spanish, Portuguese)

Additional job criteria for Senior Level:

  • 2+ years experience in the Architect or equivalent role at Open LMS or 4+ years experience with Moodle as an administrator
  • Ability to work completely independently
  • Proven track record of quality customer service
  • Highly respected by peers and customers alike
  • Managerial discretion

Additional job criteria for Principal Level:

  • 3+ years experience in the Architect or equivalent role at Open LMS or 5+ years experience with Moodle as an administrator
  • Ability to work completely independently
  • Proven track record of quality customer service
  • Highly respected by peers and customers alike
  • Well known and respected within the entire Open LMS organization as a subject matter expert and resource for a variety of projects both within and outside the traditional scope of this role
  • Managerial discretion

Core Open LMS Competencies

Customer Obsession

  • Attentive and responsive to customer (internal and external) concerns
  • Listens to and anticipates relevant needs of the customer
  • Identifies, influences and manages customer expectations
  • Adjusts own schedule to put customer needs first
  • Responds quickly to customer problems
  • Initiates informal meetings to build relationships
  • Puts aside personal issues in favor of customer satisfaction

Results Oriented

  • Identifies confronts and overcomes barriers to successful completion of a task or project; “puts first things first.”
  • Demonstrates a “sense of urgency”
  • Focuses on outcomes rather than activities
  • Anticipates and prevents obstacles to timely completion of a project
  • Is willing to stretch to accomplish goals and “make it happen.
  • Removes unnecessary steps when developing a solution


  • Aware of yourself Impact on others
  • Aware of yourself as an individual or of your own being and actions and thoughts
  • Recognizes own emotions and their effects on how others feel or behave
  • Knows ones strengths and limits
  • Has a strong sense of one’s self worth and capabilities
  • Inhibiting emotions in service of group or organizational norms

Integrator Mindset

  • Encourages a participative process; has a “win-win” orientation.
  • Open minded and actively receptive ; willingly seeks input from others before making a decision
  • Listens for common ground in completing tasks and solving problems
  • Cooperates with others rather than working independently
  • Demonstrates support for the group over personal wishes
  • Shares recognition and credit with others


  • Capable of adapting to others and new situations; flexible; can handle multiple tasks
  • Shifts among competing tasks and meets deadlines
  • Shows willingness and ability to change or adapt to change
  • Adapts to and works with diverse groups and work situations
  • Accommodates or compromises to meet group needs
  • Actively responds to others' ideas and opinions

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.